Published: 07/03/2011 | Modified: 06/06/2014, 11:35 am

Cases of information/assistance provided concerning formalities requested before departure.

Leaving a country after a mobility experience implies administrative formalities a researcher should be aware of. Even if no specific experiences are provided in this Web Handbook, we can consider certain aspects that will enable us to assist researchers and their families in the best possible way.

Just as there is a welcome package, there should also be a “goodbye package”, a checklist available to help researchers remember all the necessary steps before leaving their host country. Naturally, the content of these packages will be very different for each country. The checklist could include the following points:

  • Inform the employer about your departure.
  • Sign off from the health care system.
  • Take care of your social security.
  • End your housing contract.
  • Discontinue phone/internet services and other utilities.