Published: 07/03/2011 | Modified: 07/04/2014, 11:20 am

In the context of the EURAXESS T.O.P. project, Archimedes Foundation is preparing a press release template on the revamping of the national portals.

This press release can then be used to promote the portals to various policy makers (such as the ministry responsible for research) and other stakeholders (rectors’ conference, universities, research institutions, the press, the national associations of researchers and doctoral students, etc.).

Archimedes Foundation will also prepare a letter explaining the procedure for posting job openings on the EURAXESS Jobs portal and encouraging institutions to post job vacancies regularly. This letter can be used in conjunction with the EURAXESS learning video (see above) to promote the opportunities provided by the Jobs portal to a wide audience.

Two advertisements of EURAXESS Jobs can also be downloaded. The advertisements are ready for use in printed media and can be adjusted to the needs of the advertising EURAXESS network member. These documents can be found on the EURAXESS extranet: After login, go to Library > EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion > Promo Material

Changing Jobs Made Easy (size A5), pdf format Solutions for Researchers (size A6), pdf format 1.53 MB

Solutions for Researchers (size A6), pdf format 1.36 MB