Published: 28/04/2011 | Modified: 07/04/2014, 11:20 am

Three video clips, presenting EURAXESS Jobs, Rights and Services respectively, are also available in two formats and two resolutions. Each clip is about 3 minutes long.

These clips can, for example, be shown to complement a presentation on EURAXESS, or as an introduction to an event organised to present the EURAXESS network.

In addition, the Commission has also prepared a shorter video clip about EURAXESS in general which is particularly suitable for opening events (about 2 minutes) and a learning video about publishing vacancies at EURAXESS Jobs in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese language formats.

The video clips are all available on the EURAXESS extranet:
After login, go to Library > EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion > EURAXESS Video-clips

EURAXESS video clips, flash format, high and low resolution

EURAXESS services



Many national EURAXESS networks have prepared their own promotional materials (leaflets, booklets, guide to the country for researchers, etc.) which are often available electronically and, if so, can usually be downloaded from the national portal of the respective country. For easier access to these materials, we encourage network members to also upload them to the Library > EURAXESS Services > National Publications section of the EURAXESS extranet, so they will be gathered in one location and can be more readily consulted or accessed.

Some of these national promotional materials are already available on the extranet; others will soon follow.