Published: 29/12/2014 | Modified: 19/01/2015, 4:37 pm


5th December 2013, Brussels, Belgium 

Trainers: Ilmar Mihkelsoo

Subcontractor: Altex Experts


Brief overview

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising system, in which you bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Keywords are words or phrases that can trigger your ad to show on search and other sites. So, for instance, when someone searches Google using the phrase “research job in Europe” or a similar, your ad might appear next to Google search results.

During the training, we learnt how to independently manage AdWords campaigns to increase the visibility of our websites among our target groups as well as to increase the popularity of the respective country as a research destination. EURAXESS portal administrators were introduced how to use the Google AdWords toolkit that was tailored specifically to meet EURAXESS needs and requirements. The toolkit is a practical tool helping in every step of administrating a Google AdWords campaign.


Benefits from Google AdWords campaigns

Google AdWords helps to attract more relevant visitors to your website. Furthermore, it is able to target your ads to researchers in certain countries, regions or cities. Another benefit of Google AdWords that it’s results are always measurable: you can see how many people notice your ads and what percentage actually click to visit your website. Finally, Google AdWords is flexible in terms of money: you decide yourself how much to invest into your campaign.


Agenda of the trainingphoto 3

1. Overview. How does AdWords work? What do you need to know about it?
2. Most used terms (AdWords dictionary)
3. How to plan and build your campaigns: EURAXESS specific examples
4. What is the toolkit?
5. Practical session & discussion
6. Additional information. How to budget your campaigns?


Training materials

1. PowerPoint slides used during the training;
2. Google AdWords toolkit that provides a step-by-step induction on how to prepare, implement and evaluate a successful Google AdWords campaign.


List of participants 

For more details and personal impressions you can contact one of the participants of the training:
1. Achilleas Tsiligeridis, GR
2. Adalheidur Jonsdottir, IS
3. Adam Molnar, HU
4. Ana Grdovic, HR
5. Anna Mossolova, EE
6. Annika Sundqvist Pihlström, SE
7. Arnis Kokorevics, LV
8. Dimiter Dizov, BG
9. Elena Zamsa, MD
10. Elena-Stefania Ionescu, RO
11. Elin Kollerud, NO
12. Hana Huskova, CZ
13. Igor Trpevski,  MK
14. Inês Rangel
15. Jean-François Chevalier, BE
16. Jean-François Huon, FR
17. Kornelija Janavičiūtė, LT
18. Lidia Dragoi, RO
19. Lidija Milosavljevic, ME
20. Manda Japunčić, HR
21. Maria Unger, AT
22. Milan Zdravković, RS
23. Miroslava Szoradova, SK
24. Monika Kornacka, PL
25. Moria Aricha, IL
26. Nelda Kote, AL
27. Stefania Bettini, EC
28. Svetlana Dimitrova, BG
29. Urska Sraj, SI
30. Valdas Ulkė, LT
31. Vesa Varpula, FI
32. Vitaliy Bondarenko, DE
33. Xavier R. Eekhout Chicharro, ES