Published: 15/03/2011 | Modified: 06/06/2014, 11:40 am

The national EURAXESS web portals are central to the EURAXESS network. Often they are the visitors’ first impression of the network. It is therefore crucial to maintain these national portals in such a way that the network’s character, its connection between the different national portals, and its connection to the EURAXESS Jobs Portal is instantly clear.

There are both unique and common aspects to portal management, as each national portal provides country-specific information as well as general EURAXESS framework information. Portal managers apply different tools to manage and develop their respective national portals. For that reason, the national portals can learn from each other and further improve their harmonization by sharing this information.

In September 2010, a wide range of different examples of practices were collected, varying from best practices to lessons learned, recommendations, guidelines and ideas that were yet to be implemented. Some of these practices can be easily adopted by other countries; others require a bit more thought before applying them to a country-specific situation. Nonetheless, this list of good practices gives a wide-ranging overview of how national portals can be further developed.

The aim of this chapter is to optimise commonly used electronic tools and procedures of the different national portals. We have identified a total of 43 practices from 19 countries.