Montenegro National Experiences

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Contact details of the institution hosting the BHO


University of Montenegro

Address: Cetinjska bb, 81000 Podgorica
Phone: +38220414209
URL web site:
URL national EURAXESS portal:

Bridgehead Organisation

The BHO is hosted by the University of Montenegro, a public higher education institution.

EURAXESS Services Centre

The BHO and the ESC are joined in the same institution, the University of Montenegro.

Local Contact Points

There are three LoCPs in Montenegro, distributed throughout the country.

Structure of the national network

The structure of the EURAXESS network in Montenegro comprises: the BHO, which centralises coordination of the network’s activities; the ESC, acting as the service centre for Montenegro; and the Executive Group for Mobility, whose members are LoCPs located in certain university faculties. The head of the BHO is the coordinator for the EURAXESS Montenegro project. The Steering Group for the national researchers’ mobility network proposes strategic measures for sustainable development of the EURAXESS network in Montenegro. The ESC is managed by the head of the Centre; a help desk officer and a portal administrator are also engaged within the Centre. LoCPs (Executive Group for Mobility) are proposed by the coordinator of the EURAXESS Montenegro network from among the institutions that have signed the Declaration of Commitment. The partner institutions and working bodies that have an influence on the network’s activities or are influenced by the network are the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration, and the Montenegrin Employers’ Federation.

  • Full-time equivalent staff:
  • Number of persons:
  • BHO/ESC: 2.3
  • BHO/ESC: 4
  • LoCP: Varies
  • LoCP: 9

Declaration of Commitment (DoC)

All institutions in the network have signed the DoC.

National funding of the EURAXESS Services Network

Considering that Montenegro joined the EURAXESS network in 2009, within the three-year project EURAXESS Montenegro funded by the European Commission through the FP7 PEOPLE programme, Services Network is still funded within this project.

Target groups of the Bridgehead Organisation

  • authorities
  • researchers

Target groups of the EURAXESS Services Centre

  • researchers
  • administrative staff

Target groups of the Local Contact Points

  • researchers
  • administrative staff

Relationship and communication between the BHO, the Steering Group for Human Resources and Mobility for Researchers (SG HRM), the National Contact Points (NCPs) and the Programme Committee

The representative of the Ministry of Education and Sports is a member of the SG HRM. The NCPs and Montenegrin representatives in the Programme Committee are within the authority of the Ministry of Science. The BHO establishes regular communication with these structures through joint thematic meetings.

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1. Broken link checker

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The broken link checker is a web-based tool for monitoring and checking broken links in websites, based on an open source platform: PHP programming language and an MySQL database.

The application is hosted on the same server as the EURAXESS portal for Montenegro ( and results can be seen at

The broken link checker consists of two parts:

  • The engine is the main part of the application. It usually starts once or twice a day in the backend of the system and checks broken links in the website. It can be started by the portal administrator or by the EURAXESS officers responsible for the site content.

  • A web-based application for checking results.

The application is completely modular and can be easily modified to monitor many websites at the same time. The fact that the application is hosted on the same site lowers traffic during testing and minimizes execution time. If you wish to install this application, we encourage you to contact us and we will send you the complete code and instructions for its installation.

The broken link checker is a useful tool for all site developers who wish to optimise their portals.

Detailed list for each check

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