Published: 07/03/2011 | Modified: 06/06/2014, 11:32 am

37 European countries are engaged in the EURAXESS Services Network. It operates on national, regional and local levels and plays an important role in removing obstacles to researchers┬┤ mobility by providing key information including immigration, funding opportunities, social security and pensions. Websites display general information; helpdesks give free and personalized assistance.

On a Europe-wide job portal for research positions, vacancies and CVs can be posted free of charge. EURAXESS representatives also contribute to discussions at the policy level on issues concerning the “European Partnership for Researchers“.

Our main target groups are researchers, of course, but also the R&D policy makers as well as the research institutions, universities and other employers.

This Euraxess Web Handbook serves as a guide to the services and work we do related to research mobility. The overall objective is to reinforce the quality, effectiveness and coherence of the services provided by the EURAXESS Services Network.