Published: 07/03/2011 | Modified: 06/06/2014, 11:33 am

The site offers you a compilation of the most useful information about EURAXES-both for newcomers to the network seeking general guidelines on how to develop and implement their strategies and for long-standing members who wish to know more about the different ways in which the EURAXESS goals are pursued in different contexts and circumstances.

EURAXESS was born with an open, international perspective; accordingly, we believe that its members share an inquisitive, self-critical approach, looking both inward and elsewhere to see what they can improve based on how others have chosen to meet similar challenges.

The Web Handbook offers sections defining target groups and stakeholders as well information on and links to the specific forms and documents that are relevant for EURAXESS members; other sections define the range of services that are at the core of the EURAXESS mission or provide detailed information on promotion, communication, quality and training. A section on portal management offers useful guidelines for making the most of online tools for providing services to researchers within each member country. Each one of these sections offers links to experiences provided by BHOs and ESCs in its specific area.

In addition to these topic-related experiences, the Web Handbook includes a major section offering broader country-specific experiences. Many of offer insight on internal organisation strategies and overall approaches that vary from one country to the next them while some may overlap partially with the information provided for each one of the areas mentioned above.

We all know how much we learn from hearing about other countries’ experiences in our face-to-face meetings; although direct, informal communication is and will continue to be essential, we believe the Web Handbook’s corpus of experiences constitutes excellent reference material for those searching for information on a specific topic or just wishing to brainstorm, browsing and stopping to reconsider the way they have been doing things so far in order to move forward adjusting the course of their goals and optimising their future efforts.

The Web Handbook is an ongoing project; we will continue to update and expand it over time. It strives to become a tool where ideas come together and change; what you now see is the point of departure.

We hope you find it helpful!