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If you would like more information then download the complete table from here

Comments on benefits

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All employed citizens Health coverage is mandatory – can be statutory or, if salary exceeds a certain amount, private Pension schemes, incl. disability pensions, old-age pensions, sickness benefits etc. are part of the statutory contribution. Certain rules apply to recognitions of pension rights from/to Germany Unemployment insurance – all who have worked for at least… Read more »

Foreign student

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Ph.D. candidates who are employed have full coverage. Ph.D. candidates who come for shorter stays are treated as researchers with own means

Foreign researcher without contract

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No social security coverage, but health insurance is mandatory. EU/EEA citizens must bring European Health Insurance Card or A1. Third country nationals must have comprehensive insurance, which can be bought from private insurance companies in Germany

Foreign employee

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Employees pay fixed statutory social security contributions and enjoy full coverage  Generally, researchers with temporary employment contracts at a German institution enjoy the same entitlements as employees with fixed contracts. The length of the contract might influence certain entitlements

General information

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Social security covers health insurance, pension schemes, unemployment benefit, accident and nursing care insurance. Civil servants do not pay social security contributions, but enjoy full social security coverage. German citizens are covered via their parents until the age of 25. Afterwards they become members of the statutory health insurance for students.

How the German EURAXESS portal team works

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The German EURAXESS portal is managed by one portal administrator who is responsible for the overall site content and devotes approximately 20% of her working hours to portal management. The portal administrator receives support from three colleagues: one is responsible for the fellowship database, one for the ‘Research Landscape’ and ‘Careers in Research’ sections, and… Read more »

Easy access to information on funding, quality assurance included

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A funding database has been included in the German EURAXESS portal. It covers more than 80 programmes offered by funding organisations in Germany. The programmes essentially address scientists and scholars at advanced stages in their careers. Interested scientists may select the appropriate entries by country, research area and type of programme, and may use all… Read more »

How to draw on legal expertise without hiring a full-time lawyer

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Many members of the EURAXESS Services Network will know the situation: you are in need of legal advice, but lack the funding to hire a full-time lawyer. In its role as BHO, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation maintains the www.euraxess.de portal. The portal provides information for internationally mobile researchers wishing to come to Germany or… Read more »

Portal management timetable

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The content and the links of the German EURAXESS portal are updated regularly throughout the year. Several colleagues are responsible for updating different sections of the portal. There is a set timetable that determines when each colleague has to update the part he or she is responsible for. To ensure that the colleagues don’t forget… Read more »

Closing knowledge and awareness gaps

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The University of Bonn takes an individual advisory approach for its foreign academics—and, at the same time, is building a broad information system where it can compile its know-how. The key to its success is regular cooperation with external specialists. The Welcome Centre was established in January 2007 at the University of Bonn as a… Read more »

The Scientific Visa: bringing the different players together

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The Humboldt Foundation has been acting as the German BHO for the EURAXESS network since 2003. As such, it provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for mobile researchers (www.euraxess.de). Many thousands of scientists and scholars visit its website every month; more than 1000 questions from researchers are answered monthly. The network of ‘researcher advisors’/LoCPs at higher education… Read more »

European Charter for Researchers: taking the lead on a national level

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When the European Charter for Researchers was published, it triggered debates all over Europe on how to make researchers’ careers more attractive. In the autumn of 2006, the Humboldt Foundation and its EURAXESS National Coordination point took the lead in introducing the topic into the German research community. Events were organized to discuss the Researchers’… Read more »

Best practice competition: ‘Welcome Centres’

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In 2006, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Deutsche Telekom Foundation designed a joint programme, ‘Welcome Centres for internationally mobile researchers’, to strengthen the international competitiveness and appeal of Germany’s universities. The objective of this best practice competition is to encourage German universities to build and further develop… Read more »


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Contact details of the institution hosting the BHO   German Aerospace Center – Project Management Agency Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR) DLR Projektträger Heinrich-Konen-Straße 1 53227 Bonn Phone: +49228 3821-1659 Mail: astrid.schwarzenberger@dlr.de URL website: http://www.dlr.de/ URL national EURAXESS portal: www.euraxess.de Bridgehead Organisation The BHO is hosted by the German Aerospace Center –… Read more »