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If you would like more information then download the complete table from here

Comments on benefits

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All employed citizens Sickness leaves benefit: Max. days of 380 except the 3 first days Unemployment benefit, entitlement to unemployment benefit when you have worked for at least 12 months. Parental benefit – Female employees having worked 270 calendar days over the last two years are entitled to 28 or 35 weeks of maternity leave…. Read more »

Foreign student

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Ph.D. candidates who are admitted to Ph.D. program in the Czech Republic enjoy the rights as employees with fixed employment contract, regardless of citizenship. Ph.D. candidates, who come for shorter stays and are not admitted to programs, normally do not have social security rights. EU/EEA citizens normally keep their rights in their home country +… Read more »

Foreign researcher without contract

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Social security coverage depends on whether National Insurance Contribution is paid and whether the researcher is either compulsory or voluntary member of the Czech public health insurance scheme.

Foreign employee

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Researchers with temporary employment are entitled to certain benefits (incl. health insurance benefits except nursing and compensation in pregnancy and motherhood) when a monthly income is higher than the one set in the law.

General information

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Benefits provided from pension insurance if the determined conditions are fulfilled include, old-age pension, invalidity pension, widow’s and widower’s pension, Orphan’s pension. Benefits provided under Sickness Insurance include, Sickness benefit, Maternity benefit, Attendance allowance, Compensatory benefit in pregnancy and maternity.

Scientific Visa: streamlining the entry process

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After the Czech Republic transposed the European Directive concerning the admission of third country nationals for the purpose of scientific research, a long-term scientific research permit has been adopted. It functions as a long-term visa, comprising both a residence permit and a work permit. Researchers from third countries can apply for this long-term permit from… Read more »

Welcome to the heart of Europe

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1. The role and task of LoCPs The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice is a state university that was founded in 1991. It comprises eight faculties and a university institute. It is a research university focusing primarily on natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. A significant aspect of its scientific research activities… Read more »

Conveying a clear image

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The main challenge we faced since the establishment of the EURAXESS network was visibility and recognition within our own host institution (even though EURAXESS fits really well into our host organisation’ s profile) as well as among research organisations and researchers. At the beginning, in 2005, we were designated as a Czech Mobility Centre, and… Read more »

Interacting with external partners

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The BHO interacts frequently with the Alien Police Inspectorates, the Alien Police Directorate, the Social Security Office, the General Health Insurance Company, the Tax Office and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS), among others. Since the member of the SG HRM was appointed from the MEYS, cooperation with the BHO is very intense…. Read more »

Network seminars

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Twice a year the BHO organizes seminars which are targeted at the national stakeholders (mostly research institutes and universities). The seminars are led by representatives of the relevant national authorities for the specific topics addressed in each case. The whole EURAXESS network is asked to take part in these seminars, after which the internal network… Read more »

An international profile

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The host institution of the BHO, the CAO, is part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, which consists of 54 public research institutes. The aim of the CAO is to ensure the R&D infrastructure and to provide support to academic institutions and to all its research institutes; therefore, EURAXESS fits very well… Read more »

Personal assistance: the key to our success

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Since the BHO also acts as an ESC, we function as a Welcome Centre for researchers and their families. We welcome researchers in our office on a daily basis, solving their problems and fulfilling their requests. We go to the Alien Police Inspectorate with them twice a week, which is very time-consuming, considering there are… Read more »

Czech Republic

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Contact details of the institution hosting the BHO   Stredisko spolecnych cinnosti AV CR, v.v.i. (Centre of Administration and Operations of ASCR, v. v. i. – English title) Narodni 1009/3, 110 00 Prague 1 Phone: +420 221 146 387 Mail: mccr@ssc.cas.cz URL website: www.ssc.cas.cz URL national EURAXESS portal: www.euraxess.cz Bridgehead Organisation Centre of Administration and… Read more »